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Patent Landscape: Extracting the Whitespaces

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Whitespaces in the patent landscape are gaps that are void of innovation, meaning that there is little to no patenting activity in those spaces. Whitespace extraction means identifying the lack of patent filing in a particular technology area to drive innovation and, hence, opportunities. Attentively analyzing the whitespaces using AI-based tools allows you to completely understand the patent landscape.

Why is white space extraction important?

  • To identify gaps in your technology area(s) of interest
  • To identify opportunities to expand into new emerging technology areas and markets
  • To cover gaps in your current portfolio to make it more robust and competitive
  • To find new application areas for existing technologies
  • To evaluate and identify key trends in unexplored markets that you can own in this fast-paced environment
  • To seek out opportunities for partnership with other organizations
  • To determine which areas your competitors are overlooking
Technology timeline trend of 5G technology showing the top and emerging technology areas (Source: XLSCOUT)
Technology timeline trend of 5G technology showing the top and emerging technology areas (Source: XLSCOUT)

White space Analysis

After identifying the white spaces in your technology area, you can review those areas and get them validated by your R&D or IP team. It is critical to conduct that study to formulate an informed strategy and to determine whether it is even viable to enter certain technology areas in terms of innovation. Aligning the white space outcome with your business goals is a crucial phase in the patent landscape process.

With XLSCOUT’s Techscaper, you can extract the whitespaces in a technology area. With just a few clicks, it creates a patent landscape report tailored to your needs.

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