• last updated : 20 April, 2023

Use Patent Alerts to Save Time

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To help us manage our time more effectively, we should reserve our valuable time for tasks that require our attention and delegate other activities. However, in today’s world, it is not always necessary to delegate tasks to others. Patent professionals can use technology to track patent filings and monitor patent portfolios by using patent alerts. This enables them to implement better time management practices while staying up to date on important patent updates. 

“Patent alerts” from XLSCOUT 

XLSCOUT’s AI-based patent search platform is well-known for giving users access to millions of patent records from around the world, but many patent practitioners are unaware that our tool can also be used to stay up to date on important patent filings. The AI-based tool allows users to easily construct patent searches using keywords, patent assignee names, CPC classification codes, and many other search parameters, and then obtain patent alerts whenever newly filed patent applications meet the conditions of the search query. 

Users of XLSCOUT can specify how frequently they want to be notified of changes to search query results. Along with the time they want their notifications and how long they want to receive a particular Query Alert. Users can fine-tune their search parameters. Moreover, they can harness the power of automated alerts to stay up to date on global patent filings.

XLSCOUT is an excellent tool for patent practitioners looking to delegate and automate USPTO patent prosecution monitoring. Users can keep track of updates for their pending USPTO patent applications or entire US patent portfolios. Patent professionals only need to specify the application numbers for the patent documents they want to track, select the frequency with which they want to be updated, and sit back while the AI-based tool tracks updates specific to Image File Wrappers, Continuity Data, or Transaction Histories. 

Delegation is essential for optimal patent performance, and it is time to delegate some of the heavy lifting to technology. XLSCOUT’s AI-powered tools help patent practitioners protect their valuable time. These tools automate research that keeps users informed with patent alerts and up to date on their patent projects.

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