• last updated : 20 April, 2023

Technology Landscape Analysis

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technology landscape analysis

Are you planning to introduce a new technology to the market? Then, Technology Landscape Analysis can help ensure your success by providing key market insights. Technology Landscape highlights various market aspects such as: 

  • market competitiveness 
  • current market position 
  • latest methodologies and techniques used 
  • organization’s market positioning 

Technology Landscape Analysis is often performed on behalf of companies pursuing to manufacture new products in a particular technical domain to obtain a greater understanding of innovations for potential R&D, major players and newcomers in the market, new licensing, acquisition, joint business opportunities, R&D direction and strength compared to the competition. 

The analysis enables organizations to make better business decisions based on analysis insights, allowing them to efficiently align their intellectual property strategy with the company’s overall growth strategy. 

In general, landscape analysis reports sum up technical information as well as information about technology trends, patent applicants and assignees, a specific assignee’s preferred technology, and so on. The technological information obtained from the landscape analysis provides insight into the evolution of technology as well as the state-of-the-art in technology. Depending on the client’s goals, technology landscape analysis may also include White Space analysis in technology. 

The technology landscape analysis report identifies key market participants who may be potential competitors or business allies (licensing). 

Why should you use XLSCOUT for your Technology Landscape Analysis? 

XLSCOUT’S AI-based tools can assist you in identifying product areas (i.e., potential technology opportunities) across diverse domains into which firms can expand based on the technological capabilities embodied in existing products. The following are some of the reasons why you should use Techscaper to conduct your Technology Landscape Analysis: 

  • Provides a thorough examination of patent documents as well as market research on a specific technology 
  • Having access to multiple free and commercial patent information databases that provide global patent coverage 
  • Automated analysis services 
  • Use a variety of comprehensive mapping and visualization tools to convert complex data into a graphical representation that is easy to understand 
  • Customized reports to meet the needs of our clients 
  • Deliver exceptional quality at an affordable cost and within the time frame specified by the client 

Highlights of Our Technology Landscape Reports 

  • Customized taxonomies: We provide a customized taxonomy to fit an individual’s technology/product line/or competitor’s strategy by considering the customer’s comprehensive needs and objectives. 
  • Market research: An in-depth examination of the product landscape as well as the commercial actions of competitors in the technological field. 
  • Infographics: To make the analysis easier to understand, it includes a wide range of charts and figures in the reports.

Our Methodology 

Techscaper, an innovative tool for explainable AI-based patent analytics has been created by XLSCOUT. Here, users can extract various insights by leveraging our different technology and competitive dashboards. Our patent landscape modules have the capability to categorize enormous portfolios into system-generated or user-generated categories as per the user’s requirements. 

It is ever so easier now to compare and analyze technology trends over time. Techscaper’s interactive dashboard allows you to easily view the latest trends in technology. You can also access the dashboards to view and compare the latest trends in a specific technology area. With just a few clicks, it creates a patent landscape report tailored to your needs. 

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