• last updated : 26 December, 2022

XLSCOUT Update: Version 1.12 Released

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version update

XLSCOUT’s Version 1.12 is here! The latest version update incorporates some of the most requested features as well as some improvements to the previous version. Here are the highlights of this version:

Major Updates

1. Introducing SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Analytics Dashboard 

The SDG Analytics Dashboard, developed in collaboration with NGB Corporation, has been added to XLSCOUT. We have linked Sustainable Development Goals with Global Patent Literature in this dashboard to connect organizations’ business goals with the SDGs and help them track technological and competitive insights to make active contributions to Sustainable Development Innovation and Technology.  For more information, visit https://xlscout.ai/xlscout-sdg-analytics-dashboard/

The first release of the Dashboard contains 10 SDG Goals including 100 Targets and 103 Indicators. 

 SDG 01 – No Poverty 

 SDG 02 – Zero Hunger 

 SDG 03 – Good health and well-being 

 SDG 04 – Quality education 

 SDG 05 – Gender equality 

 SDG 06 – Clean water and sanitation 

 SDG 07 – Affordable and clean energy 

 SDG 08 – Decent work and economic growth 

 SDG 14 – Life below water 

 SDG 15 – Life on land 

SDG analysis has been enabled on different apps: 


Users can analyze and track SDG goals through Techscaper. They can track the targets and indicators related to a specific SDG by applying our explainable AI-based taxonomy templates related to the specific SDGs. Users can select the SDG taxonomy template for specific SDG Goal from the SDG Templates. 

Expert Patent Search

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have also been added as a search field in Expert Patent Search. Users can combine the SDGs field with other search fields, like, Assignee/Applicant, IPC/CPC classification, Technology Keywords, Litigation, SEP, etc., to perform further analysis. 

Novelty Checker 

We have linked SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Filter and the SDG Taxonomy Templates with the Novelty Checker Module. Users can now track how their new innovations are contributing to the SDG goals and which are the competitors working in that area.

2. ENG to JP Translation

We have introduced our proprietary AI based ENG to Japanese Translation model. In first version translation of patent Title and Abstract is supported for Non-JP Patents. For JP patents we provide the original Japanese text.

3. Graph Wizard

Introducing XLSCOUT ‘Graph Wizard’ using which users can now perform analytics on patents based on their custom parameters. 

Graph Wizard has been linked to Analyze tab of Techscaper, Company Explorer, Expert Patent Search and Novelty Checker. 

Users can create their own custom graphs or visualizations using 1D (Filing Trend) or 2D graphs (Parameter 1 vs. Parameter 2). Different parameters like Application Year, Publication Year, Top Assignees, IPC Classification, etc. are available for analysis.  

Users can save multiple graphs and create their own Dashboards. Users can directly download the Dashboard in the PDF report Format.

4. Improved Family Collapse Analysis

1 MILLION! Yes, you read it right. The number of unique patent families that can be analyzed utilizing family collapsed patents has now been expanded from 15K to 1 million. Up to one million patent families can now be analyzed by users. 

The manual taxonomy feature using Taxonomy Builder is also available with family collapsed patents (up to 15k unique patent families).

5. Ideation dashboard in Novelty Checker

Introducing the Ideation Dashboard in Novelty Checker, which will provide users with new insights about their ideas. 

This ideation dashboard provides multiple insights, like idea demographics, idea strength, idea feature analysis, and machine-suggested concepts, to enable augmented inventing among users.

6. Enhanced Reinforcement in Novelty Checker & Invalidator+

 Users can now select up to 10 relevant (thumbs up) and 10 less relevant (thumbs down) results to apply reinforcement in both Novelty Checker and Invalidator+. 

Reinforcement helps in an efficient prior art analysis, where according to the user’s feedback, the Novelty Checker re-ranks the results, pulling relevant results to the top. 

To learn more about the new features, click here.