• last updated : 17 April, 2023

Patent Landscape: Analyse, Set & Repeat – Track Evolution

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track evolution

How to track evolution of patent landscape? Most patent landscapes take months to complete. The data, however, becomes outdated after the landscape analysis is completed. In their respective technology areas, 15–30 patents are published each month. The data must be kept updated, and the graphs and charts must also be updated after the landscape is complete. Therefore, it is important to set up a patent monitoring system to keep the data updated for the most effective and informed landscape.

Track Patent Landscape Information

If you want to track evolution, you need to monitor your patent landscape information on a regular basis, you will have complete knowledge of your market’s playing field. You will be able to anticipate your competitor’s future actions more accurately if you use this information efficiently, allowing you to either beat them to it or cautiously watch their progress.

Keep Up with the Technology/Competitor Trends

When it comes to giving real-time information to end-users, weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates make a significant impact. As a result, you will be able to make well-informed judgments in response to changes in the technological world.

Automated Patent Landscape Reports

Using AI-based landscape tools, users can generate technology intelligence or company intelligence reports at any time. Automated reports are a repeatable, accurate, and scalable way to generate patent landscapes with minimal human effort.

With XLSCOUT’s explainable AI-based landscape tools, you can now use our interactive dashboards to extract numerous insights and make data-driven, informed decisions for your various objectives. With just a few clicks, it creates a patent landscape report tailored to your needs.

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