• last updated : 05 September, 2023

Patent Landscape Analysis: Objectives should be clear

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patent landscape analysis

Patent Landscape Analysis

A Patent landscape analysis is an analysis of patents in a particular technology area. It could be an extremely expensive & time-consuming, and labor-intensive process. Therefore, the objective of patent landscaping must be established ahead of time, as the landscape strategy will be determined by those objectives.

Different companies have different objectives for conducting patent landscape analysis to make informed decisions in their technology areas of interest.

These could be any of the following:

Competitor Monitoring: A fundamental corporate strategy is to understand/monitor your competitors’ capabilities, resources, and expertise. The purpose of competitor monitoring is to extract the following insights to take your business to the next level:

  • Top Competitors
  • Profiling your competitors using their patent portfolios
  • Patent strategies of the competitors
  • Competitors’ strengths & weaknesses
  • Their technology investments
  • Key patents of competitors
  • Collaborations and M&As of competitors

Technology Monitoring: It is important to stay informed of developments in your specific technology area. The purpose is to extract the following insights:

  • To identify and explore the technological trends
  • To identify the key players available in your technology area
  • Top Inventors in the technology area
  • New Entrants in the technology area
  • What are the Top & Emerging technology areas?
  • Technology maturity level in the area
  • To view the whitespaces in the technology area
  • Determine the current legal status of patented technologies.
  • Geographical profiling of technology area

Opportunity & Risk Analysis: Patent landscape analysis plays an important role in identifying new opportunities. The purpose could be to:

  • Identify Licensing In/Out/Cross Opportunities
  • Mitigate the Potential litigations
  • Identify possible Partnerships/Collaborations/Funding opportunities
  • Identify gaps in own portfolio
  • Identify Mergers & Acquisitions in your technology area

With XLSCOUT’s explainable AI-based patent landscape tools, you can now use our interactive dashboards to extract numerous insights and make data-driven, informed decisions for your various objectives. With just a few clicks, it creates a patent landscape report tailored to your needs.

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