• last updated : 14 April, 2023

Track Problems That Your Competitors Are Solving using “Explainable AI”

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Using World’s largest DATASET of Problems (in Patents), you can identify the landscape of problems along with their solutions.

Companies, IP departments, and business entrepreneurs need to be one step in front of their competitors at all times. Many IP/ R&D departments are in a position watching their competitors solve a problem and getting ahead of the competition. XLSCOUT has a  a unique DATASET of Problems that are being solved in patents. This dataset is searchable, indexed, and helps businesses gain deep insights of technologies, competitors, and innovation. This searchable data can be utilized by IP/R&D to further create models around innovation, competitive insights and technology insights

AI Identifies Problems That Competitors Are Solving

It’s accessible, it’s simple, and it does the job by collating information gained from analyzing competitor behavior.

We have sorted through a database of patents in order to create a detailed dataset of problems that competitors are solving. The problem dataset can be used to set goals and improve a business’ trajectory: not only will it tell owners what their competitors are doing to succeed, but it will also give them the opportunity to seek out the niches they have missed.

Companies can even use XLSCOUT to take a look at all the key problems being solved in their domain of work. The “problemscape” is all laid out, waiting for ambitious companies to come, explore, and take advantage.

How Will It Help a Business?

There’s no way to overstate the importance of extra knowledge when it comes to running a business. Entrepreneurs, CTO’s, CEOs, businesses, and IP departments gain the most valuable advantage it is possible to gain from using our AI enabled technology: insight.

It is incredibly difficult to predict how the domain of a business will shift and change as time passes. It is even harder to discern what rival companies are doing, particularly if your field is wide.

Having reliable information about the issues they are solving will be invaluable to any business that wishes to get ahead.

Users can use a variety of different metrics to analyze the data obtained from the dataset. Thus, a business can find out exactly what they need to know. There’s no telling what success would lie on the horizon for a business with smart, adaptable technology on its side.

Collaborative effort

XLSCOUT, Western University Canada, and MITACS-Canada all have worked together to improve a number of aspects of this unique dataset of problems.


Having the ability to identify problems that competitors are solving really is a game-changer. A business can set itself apart from others with that kind of deep insight.

The dataset is available in some jurisdictions, so you can begin using it whenever you want.


XLSCOUT is working on Explainable Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to develop the most accurate, comprehensive, and intelligent patent & research publication database. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), and Innovation/Scientific Principles, XLSCOUT gives you more time and reliable insights to confidently make data-driven strategic decisions.

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