• last updated : 09 May, 2023

XLSCOUT Update: Version 1.14 Released

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version update

XLSCOUT’s Version 1.14 is here! The latest version update incorporates some of the most requested features as well as some improvements to the previous version. Here are the highlights of this version:

Major Updates

1. New Version of Novelty Checker Ideacue

Our new version of Ideacue is a significant upgrade from its predecessor, featuring innovative pathways to ideation that leverage “summary of solutions” of distant and cross-domain patents to suggest inventive concepts.

Ideacue utilizes the unique association of inventive concepts and problem statement to suggest new and innovative ideas.

The new version includes: 

  • Better inventive concepts based on the “Summary of Solutions” of distantly related and/or cross-domain patents to generate new ideas.
  • Draft Claim Option: You can now draft an independent claim around the new ideas suggested by the system. 
  • Check Novelty Option: You can combine the new ideas with the invention features and directly check the novelty of new idea features.
  • A user-friendly interface that makes it easy to generate and organize ideas

Hot Tip: Multiple Iterations Improve Ideation – Repeating the idea generation cycle several times helps in exploring more innovation pathways. Select an idea created by IDEACUE, click on check novelty for the selected idea, and get further ideas from IDEACUE in the next iteration. 

We believe that the new Ideacue is the ultimate ideation tool for RND departments, businesses, and individuals alike. 

2. Search within the Result Set of Novelty Checker and Invalidator

The user can now search within the result set of Novelty Checker and Invalidator.

Go to result page of Novelty Check or Invalidator and go to change view and click on second view.

Click on Search button to search within the result set.

User can search using a combination of keywords, classifications, assignees, dates or frame  boolean queries.

After performing the search, User can again go to change view and click of first view to analyze the filtered results for detailed Key-Feature based mapping and similarity scores.

User can move to Top 20 results, 100 results and All results from the dropdown.

Minor Updates

1. Now, we have complete data for Sustainable Development Goals (all 17 goals) are available on XLSCOUT with corresponding taxonomy.

2. Now, user can search using XLSCOUT family ID in expert patent search.

3. User can search patents number that are citing an NPL document using NPL data in the search field.

To learn more about the new features, click here.