• last updated : 12 October, 2022

XLSCOUT Update: Version 1.10 Released

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version update

XLSCOUT’s Version 1.10 is here! The latest version update incorporates some of the most requested features as well as some improvements to the previous version. Here are the highlights of this version:

Major Updates

1. NPL in Techscaper

Under the simple search option within Techscaper, Users can now search Non-patent literature along with Patent Publications.

While performing the Non-patent literature search following operators can be used: “AND”, “OR” & “NOT”.

The NPL results can be viewed by clicking ‘Publications/Web Results’ option. Under this option, dedicated tabs for Web Results (News, Blog, etc.) along with Publications (Research Papers, Journals, etc.) are also provided.

To help visitors quickly browse generated results, these tabs include a number of filtering and sorting options as well.

2. Forward Citation Graph in Company Explorer

Identify the top assignees that are citing patents of the companies of your interest within the Company Explorer.

These assignees are likely to be working in the same domain and could be considered potential targets for licensing.

Users can choose to display the top 10 or top 20 assignees, citing the patents of the input company/companies.

Users can also view the list of patents of the input company/companies which were cited by the top assignees.

3. Direct Search Option in Novelty Checker

We have added an option where users can directly jump to the novelty search results by clicking on ‘Proceed to Results’ option. Optionally, users can also supervise the search.

Further, the search algorithm is more optimized, leading to a more refined and precise Key Feature mapping & sorting.

To learn more about the new features, click here.