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  • last updated : 26 October, 2023

XLSCOUT ‘ParaEmbed’, an Embedding Model fine-tuned on Patent and technology data is now Opensource and available on Hugging Face.

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In a significant stride forward in the world of artificial intelligence in patents, XLSCOUT has open-sourced ‘ParaEmbed’, a groundbreaking finetuned embedding model curated with the expertise and dedication of the XLSCOUT team. With “‘ParaEmbed’,” XLSCOUT is set to redefine the landscape of patent analysis and research.

‘ParaEmbed’ – Finetuned Model: A 40% Performance Boost

The ‘ParaEmbed’ model has been fine-tuned with a specialized dataset crafted by patent experts at XLSCOUT. The dataset includes thousands of samples spanning diverse patents and technology data.

“The dataset for finetuning was meticulously curated and validated by our experts, ensuring its quality and reliability in the patent domain. The comprehensive dataset spans across multiple domains, providing a robust foundation for the model to understand and generate patent-related embeddings,” stated Mr. Jitin Talwar, Founder – XLSCOUT.

Available on Hugging Face: Embracing Open Source

XLSCOUT believes in the power of collaboration and the open-source ethos. That’s why they are thrilled to announce that ‘ParaEmbed’ is now accessible via Hugging Face, the leading open platform for machine learning. This move embodies XLSCOUT’s commitment to making cutting-edge technology accessible to all, fostering innovation, and driving progress in the field of intellectual property.

By open-sourcing a lighter version of ‘ParaEmbed’, which is trained on 10% of the full dataset, XLSCOUT offers the global community a window into the remarkable capabilities of ‘ParaEmbed’ for different IP use cases. You can access the Lite Model of ParaEmbed here.

Mr. Khushwant Rai, Tech Lead – AI/ML at XLSCOUT remarked that “Open sourcing ParaEmbed Lite model marks our first step in sharing a groundbreaking aspect of the cutting-edge research underway at XLSCOUT, as we endeavor to develop Language Model-based solutions (LLMs) for patent-related data. I am confident that by open-sourcing some of our work and remaining dedicated, we will uncover new opportunities to foster innovation, advance research, and reshape the landscape of patent-related tasks.”

Accessing the Full Version

XLSCOUT invites you to embark on this exciting journey with them. Explore ‘ParaEmbed’ on Hugging Face, harness its capabilities, and experience the future of patent understanding. Together, we can shape the future of IP analysis, drive innovation, and unlock the true potential of intellectual property. For any AI-driven custom solutions and collaborations, reach out to XLSCOUT!


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