• last updated : 10 October, 2022

XLSCOUT got acceptance from the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL)

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Creative Destruction Lab

XLSCOUT, a leading explainable AI platform for technology and competitor analysis and a MARS Portfolio Company, is pleased to announce that it has been accepted to Creative Destruction Lab (CDL). Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is a non-profit organization that delivers an objectives-based program for massively scalable, seed-stage, science- and technology-based companies.

Focusing on enabling every person to convert their Ideas to Innovation, Innovation to IP, and IP to Value across the globe, the XLSCOUT platform has Apps to expedite the whole Innovation Lifecycle. The platform enables easy access to deep insights extracted from technology data (150 million+ patents and 220 million+ research publications) to innovators all across the globe.

Through this collaboration, XLSCOUT will leverage CDL’s market intelligence, expert mentorship, and connections to investors, resources, customers, and partners. CDL will support XLSCOUT with advice on capital, sales, marketing, talent and recruitment, and regulatory services.

“We are excited to be accepted in CDL. This opportunity will significantly help us achieve our vision to enable every person to convert their Ideas into Innovation, Innovation to IP, and IP to value. We look forward to leveraging CDL guidance, network, and research to scale up our product and business.” – Komal Sharma Talwar, Founder XLSCOUT

“Gaining access to CDL’s high-value services and network is an important milestone in our growth story. This opportunity will help us grow our business, get access to the niche talent, and strengthen partnerships.” – Jitin Talwar, Founder XLSCOUT


XLSCOUT engineered global patent data with best-in-class Artificial Intelligence(AI) technologies to develop the most accurate, comprehensive, and intelligent patent database.

Under XLSCOUT, our endeavor is to provide you with more time and reliable competitor and technology insights to confidently make data-driven strategic decisions.

Our AI technologies are based on a glass box approach and not a black box approach, making them explainable to the users. We believe that this transparency helps in the adoption of this new age technology, giving more confidence to our users. Furthermore, our explainable AI-based Taxonomy Builder has been adopted by many global companies with a validated accuracy of 95%.

XLSCOUT has recently launched the World’s largest DATASET of Problems (In Patents) to track problems that your competitors or technology peers are solving.