An SOC 2 Type II certified , AI super intelligence platform for innovation and IP: From prior-art searches and AI-assisted ideation to drafting high-quality patents and monetizing innovation!
An SOC 2 Type II certified , AI super intelligence platform for innovation and IP: From prior-art searches and AI-assisted ideation to drafting high-quality patents and monetizing innovation!
  • last updated : 26 October, 2023

XLSCOUT and Hugging Face Collaborate to Elevate Patent Generation and Monetization using LLMs

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XLSCOUT & Hugging Face

XLSCOUT, a Toronto based-leading Integrated Innovation and Patent Monetization Platform, has signed a collaboration agreement with Hugging Face, a renowned AI research organization to harness the power of AI to transform the landscape of patent analysis and research. The collaboration will leverage state of the art pretrained open-source models such as Llama 2 70b, Falcon 40b and the Hugging Face’s Expert Acceleration Program and XLSCOUT’s expertise in intellectual property management and monetization.

Traditional closed-source models like GPT-4, trained on a vast array of global data, make it challenging to capture nuanced context within the confines of certain technical or specialized areas such as patent claims. However, with the integration of open-source models available on Hugging Face, XLSCOUT can leverage custom patent data to fine-tune the AI’s understanding of intricate technical concepts and terminologies. This targeted approach promises to revolutionize the analysis, understanding and of technical documents and patents.

“We are excited about the potential of this collaboration,” said Mr. Sandeep Agarwal, CEO, XLSCOUT. “By harnessing the unparalleled capabilities of the open-source models available on Hugging Face in conjunction with our human expertise in patents, we are on a path to revolutionize the way how patents are drafted and licensed. Our approach to fine-tuning these models with proprietary IP data will empower us to achieve more accurate and relevant results, driving innovation and advancing the field”.

The joint research efforts of XLSCOUT and Hugging Face will involve training the open-source models on XLSCOUT’s vast collection of patent data. This will create a synergy that combines the specialized knowledge and domain expertise of XLSCOUT with the advanced AI capabilities of Hugging Face. The resulting models will be uniquely optimized for patent research, empowering users to make well-informed decisions and extract valuable insights from complex patent documents.

As pioneers of “AI in IP,” XLSCOUT and with AI-research support from Hugging Face is committed to exploring new frontiers in applying artificial intelligence, for driving innovation and shaping the future of intellectual property analysis. This collaboration signifies a major step forward in bridging the gap between cutting-edge AI and real-world applications of intellectual property.


XLSCOUT is at the forefront of the global innovation and IP industry, harnessing the potential of advanced AI technologies like LLMs to optimize ideation, create high-value patents, and monetize innovation. The company combines its deep patent domain knowledge and industry experience with cutting-edge AI technologies to develop the most accurate, comprehensive, and intelligent patent database.

About Hugging Face:

Hugging Face is the leading open platform to build machine learning, with over 20,000 freely accessible models for natural language processing, speech processing, and computer vision, and industry leading open-source libraries like Transformers, Diffusers, and Datasets. Through the Expert Acceleration Program, Hugging Face collaborates directly with customers to apply the latest AI to all industries

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