• last updated : 05 September, 2023

Patent Landscape: Extracting Key Competitor Insights

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key insights

Competitive intelligence is a critical factor in the decision-making process for businesses. Whether you want to be the first-to-market or if you want to gain key insights on your competitors, their IP strategies and collaborations, and any whitespace, you need well-made patent landscapes. Patent landscapes help you to:

  • Stay on top of your competitors – Landscapes help in identifying if your competitor is working on a new technology area, or they stopped filing in a certain technology area
top problems
Top Problem areas addressed by top companies in 5G technology (Source: XLSCOUT)
  • Monitor competitors’ strategic decisions R&D efforts – View their filing trends, whether they are filing in some specific markets/jurisdictions
key insights
Filing strategy of top companies in 5G technology (Source: XLSCOUT)
  • Assess their collaborations/partnerships – Learn about tech transfer & licensing information, whether they are collaborating with universities, other companies, or research institutes
key insights
Collaborations/Partnerships of top companies in 5G technology (Source: XLSCOUT)
  • Find out which technology area is of more value to your competitors by looking at the filing trends
key insights
Emerging technology areas in 5G technology where companies are investing in (Source: XLSCOUT)

XLSCOUT provides you with a competitive dashboard where you can compare the portfolios of different competitors and extract different key insights like their filing trends, top problems they are trying to solve, their technology investments, their collaborations, their core patents, etc. With just a few clicks, it creates a patent landscape report tailored to your needs.

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