• last updated : 14 April, 2023

AI can generate a Prior Art Search Report in 5 mins

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Prior art search report

Machine Learning is now being used in most search platforms, including many patent searching tools. One subset of ML (Machine Learning) that has recently gained traction is ‘Reinforcement Learning.’ It is a Machine Learning technique that is based on feedback. The system learns to behave in an environment by taking actions and seeing the outcomes of those actions. For each good action, the system gets positive feedback, and for each bad action, the system gets negative feedback or a penalty. In reinforcement learning, the system learns automatically using feedback. Using AI, the user can easily generate a prior art search report in 5 mins.

How Does XLSCOUT Incorporate Reinforcement Learning?

XLSCOUT uses reinforcement learning in its AI-based Novelty Checker tool to get quality prior art search reports in just 10 minutes. The Novelty Checker uses reinforcement learning to filter the noise from the prior art by pulling up the relevant results at the top of the list. To be precise, it assists in conducting a novelty search to help you ensure that your innovation is unique. By selecting a few relevant and non-relevant results, users can apply reinforcement learning to the result set. The system takes the user’s feedback and then learns from it. Then it reranks the results, bringing the quality results to the top and sending the noise to the bottom.

Without reinforcement learning, users go through hundreds of results manually. By applying reinforcement learning, users can skip going through the non-relevant results. Users can apply reinforcement multiple times to a result set according to their different requirements and criteria. They can then view the Top-10 or Top-20 results for each criterion to perform a prior-art analysis for idea validation.

Users can quickly generate an automated novelty and patentability/prior art search report by selecting these Top-10 or 20 results. The Novelty Checker prior art search report include a list of results along with relevant text mapping with the key features of the invention for enabling quick decision making.

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