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Introducing XLSCOUT SDG Analytics Dashboard

XLSCOUT introduces an SDG Analytics dashboard that will provide technological & competitive insights in order to make serious contributions to Sustainable Development innovation & technology

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XLSCOUT & NGB conducted a joint study capable of making serious contributions to Sustainable Development technology and innovation

According to the UN, the Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace, and justice. It’s not possible to have a strong, functioning business in a world of increasing inequality, poverty, and climate change. There is increasing pressure on business leaders to take sustainability into account and make strategic decisions accordingly.

XLSCOUT is on a mission to help organizations embrace the SDG agenda and recognize it as a driver of business strategies, innovation, and investment decisions. With our technology & competitive dashboards, we are giving organizations a medium to get actionable insights into the sustainability investments of their competitors in each Sustainable Development Goal by connecting the world’s patent applications to the SDGs.

Mapping Sustainable Development Goals to the Patent Literature

17 Sustainable Development Goals have been defined by the UN and each goal is further defined by some targets and indicators. We have linked patent applications to the relevant UN-defined Sustainable Development Goals and their corresponding targets and indicators using our explainable AI-based tool. Experts from the NGB and XLSCOUT teams curated detailed search queries for each SDG by analyzing the definition of the goal, targets, and indicators defined by the UN.

In order to dig deeper into each SDG, our experts created detailed, explainable AI-based multilevel taxonomies linked to the targets defined under each SDG using the XLSCOUT platform. Such a detailed mapping of technology to SDGs provides in-depth analysis on sustainable development and innovation through our Technology & Competitive intelligence dashboards.

For further information on the goals, please refer to https://sdgs.un.org/goals

With our dashboard, we dig deeper into each Sustainable Development Goal

SDG Analytics through

Get deep insights to align your business
models with the SDGs

Stay ahead of the competition by identifying the Emerging Technologies in each SDG

Compare Sustainable Development efforts of different assignees

Co-authorship & Collaboration relationships of the companies of your interest

Track the portfolio strength of your competitors

Analyze the top problems being solved in each SDG

View technology grouping by user-defined taxonomy enabled by Explainable AI

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