An SOC 2 Type II certified , AI super intelligence platform for innovation and IP: From prior-art searches and AI-assisted ideation to drafting high-quality patents and monetizing innovation!
An SOC 2 Type II certified , AI super intelligence platform for innovation and IP: From prior-art searches and AI-assisted ideation to drafting high-quality patents and monetizing innovation!


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Faster, Better, and the Most Secure AI Patent Drafting Platform


    Drafting LLM is a cutting-edge patent application drafting platform that utilizes Large Language Models (LLMs) & Generative AI for drafting top-tier preliminary patent drafts. It generates comprehensive claims, abstracts, drawings, backgrounds, and descriptions within a few minutes.




    XLSCOUT's Drafting LLM - faster, better, and most secure automated patent drafting platform. Drafting LLM leverages the latest AI technologies like Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI and generates high-quality preliminary patent drafts within few minutes. Want to know how? Explore the video!


    TURBO Speed by Saving up to 50% Time by Getting a Complete Draft

    Better Allocation of Saved Time on Strategic Work


    Jump Start with Easy Invention Disclosure Upload/ Claims/ Invention details

    Multiple Image Upload and Analysis

    Flowchart/Block Diagram Generation

    Easy Manual Word like Editing



    Copilot and Chabot Enabled

    Supports US & JP Formats (more to come)

    Accounts for Prior Art

    Customized Writing Style of Attorney

    Trained on Diverse Technology Domains

    Most Integrated Platform for Ideation, Novelty Check, Drafting


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    With Drafting LLM’s end-to-end encryption, your
    innovative ideas and patent drafts are secured. Only you
    have access to your inventive concepts, ensuring they
    remain safe from any external interventions. Not even
    XLSCOUT can access them – your creations, securely


    SOC2 Type 2 Compliant

    GDPR Compliant

    End-to-End Encryption in Transit

    Zero Data Retention or Training


    Elevating Innovation: XLSCOUT’s Remarkable Achievements Celebrated with Multiple Awards and Accolades



       Can I tailor the application draft to suit different inventors' needs?

    Yes, Drafting LLM empowers you to customize the patent draft as per your unique needs. You can edit the descriptions, drawings, abstracts, claims, and backgrounds as per your unique requirements.

       Are the patent drafts generated by AI completely reliable?

    Drafting LLM provides invaluable support in the patent drafting process, but it’s important to remember that it acts as an aiding tool. It’s recommended to use it in conjunction with expert judgment. 

       How does Drafting LLM ensure the privacy and security of my data?
    XLSCOUT prioritizes your data security by not storing any customer data and not training our AI models on customer-provided inputs. We implement robust end-to-end encryption and adhere strictly to all relevant data protection and privacy laws, ensuring your confidential information is consistently safeguarded.
       Does the tool generate complete drawings for the patent application?
    Our patent drafting tool produces detailed flow-charts and full descriptions of the drawings.
       Can I make real-time changes to the AI-generated patent draft?
    Yes, you certainly can! As compared to other automated patent drafting software, Drafting LLM boasts a dedicated AI Chatbot, allowing you to make instant modifications and adjustments to the draft according to your preferences.
       Can I enhance the quality and strength of the claims in the application draft?
    With Ideacue, our powerful ideation engine, you have the ability to significantly improve the quality and strength of the claims in your application draft, ensuring it stands out in the patent process.
       How does Drafting LLM ensure confidentiality and security of my patent information?
    We take data security seriously. Drafting LLM employs state-of-the-art encryption protocols and follows industry best practices to safeguard your patent information.
       What types of patents and industries is Drafting LLM suitable for?
    Drafting LLM is versatile and can be used across a wide range of industries. It caters to utility patents, design patents, and more, making it adaptable to various sectors.
       How does Drafting LLM stay updated with the latest patent laws and regulations?
    Drafting LLM’s algorithms are continuously updated based on a vast dataset of patent documents and legal precedents. This ensures that it stays aligned with the latest patent laws and regulations.
       Can Drafting LLM assist in international patent filings and compliance?
    Drafting LLM provides guidance and resources to help you navigate the intricacies of international patent filings and ensures compliance with global patent standards.
       Can Drafting LLM be used by solo inventors and small firms, or is it primarily for larger organizations?
    Drafting LLM is designed to cater to a wide range of users, including solo inventors, small firms, and larger organizations. Its user-friendly interface and customizable features make it accessible to all.
       How does the process of automated patent drafting work?

    Drafting LLM utilizes cutting-edge AI algorithms to streamline the patent drafting process. The platform generates detailed patent drafts quickly and efficiently.

       What advantages do AI tools for patent drafting, like Drafting LLM, offer?

    AI tools for patent drafting, such as Drafting LLM, offer significant advantages including enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and consistency. They automate and simplify the complex process of drafting patents, reducing the time and effort required while maintaining high standards of quality and compliance with patent regulations.

       How does Drafting LLM assist with AI patent applications?

    Drafting LLM streamlines the creation of patent applications using advanced LLMs and Generative AI. This enables quick and accurate generation of preliminary patent drafts, ensuring compliance with current patent standards.

       What makes Drafting LLM a unique drafting app for patent professionals?

    As a drafting app, Drafting LLM stands out for its integration of advanced AI, offering a user-friendly interface and intelligent features that simplify the patent drafting process. It provides quick, automated draft generation with a focus on accuracy and compliance, making it an invaluable tool for patent professionals.

       How does Drafting LLM assist in drafting patent specifications?

    Drafting LLM significantly simplifies the process of drafting patent specifications. By leveraging advanced AI, it interprets technical information and transforms it into a detailed, compliant patent document, ensuring clarity, precision, and alignment with patent office requirements.

       How does Drafting LLM excel as patent claim drafting software?

    Drafting LLM excels as patent claim drafting software by leveraging AI to provide precise and coherent patent claims. It streamlines the drafting process, ensuring that claims are not only technically accurate but also aligned with legal standards, greatly enhancing the patent’s strength and clarity.

       What advantages does Drafting LLM offer as a patent claims drafting tool?

    As a patent claims drafting tool, Drafting LLM offers unparalleled advantages in terms of efficiency and accuracy. Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, it aids in crafting clear, concise, and legally robust patent claims, streamlining the drafting process for inventors and patent attorneys alike.

       How does Drafting LLM enhance the process of patent drafting and specification writing?

    Drafting LLM revolutionizes patent drafting and specification writing by integrating AI-driven tools. This technology automates the complex aspects of drafting, ensuring accuracy and compliance with patent laws, while simplifying the creation of detailed and effective patent specifications.

       What features make Drafting LLM a leading patent drafting software?

    Drafting LLM distinguishes itself as a top patent drafting software with its advanced AI capabilities The software’s intuitive interface and intelligent features streamline patent creation, making it accessible for both novice and experienced patent professionals.

       How do patent drafting tools like Drafting LLM improve the patenting process?

    Patent drafting tools like Drafting LLM enhance the patenting process by providing advanced AI-driven assistance. They enable accurate and efficient creation of patent documents, reduce manual effort, and ensure that the patents are drafted in accordance with the latest legal standards, making the entire process more streamlined and reliable.

       In what ways do patent tools for application drafting, like Drafting LLM, benefit users?

    Patent tools for application drafting, such as Drafting LLM, benefit users by dramatically enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the patent application process. These tools utilize AI to automate complex tasks, ensuring that patent applications are not only completed more swiftly but also adhere to high standards of clarity and legal compliance.

       What makes Drafting LLM stand out as patent application drafting software?

    Drafting LLM stands out as patent application drafting software due to its advanced AI integration, which simplifies and enhances the drafting process. It enables rapid creation of detailed, compliant patent applications, offering precision and ease of use that is unparalleled in the field.

       How can Drafting LLM function as an effective patent application drafter?

    Drafting LLM utilizes cutting-edge LLMs to automate the drafting process. This ensures the creation of comprehensive, legally sound patent applications, significantly reducing the time and effort traditionally required in manual drafting.

       What advantages does Drafting LLM offer as a patent application drafting tool?

    Drafting LLM, as a patent application drafting tool, offers significant advantages by leveraging AI to automate and refine the drafting process. It enables quick, accurate generation of patent applications, ensuring legal precision and reducing the manual effort required for inventors and legal professionals.


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