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How to generate ideas around a strong patent?
How to enhance a patent?

Saves Time
Increases Efficiency
Accelerates Innovation
Improved brainstorming

About Nilesh:

Nilesh is a multifaceted professional with diverse experience of 21+ years working in R&D, New Product Development, Quality, Sales, Innovation Management & Intellectual Property teams at a fortune 500 multinational company with focus on technology transfer. He is specialized in making innovation happen at engineering organizations by fostering Innovation culture. 1200+ patents got filed for inventions by Indian inventors with in-house innovation & IP programs developed by Nilesh. He makes innovation happen!

“Enhancing patent portfolio becomes very fast using this tool. It (XLSCOUT) also helps in brainstorming, accelerating ideas plus quality of IP can be improved with this.”


Sr Manager-Innovation & IP, Emerson

How is he Leveraging XLSCOUT in his organization for enhancing the patents?

XLSCOUT is helping him accelerate innovation in his organization with our AI tools – Novelty Checker and Ideacue

Enhancing The Patents

To meet the business needs, sometimes you need to create patents on demand. There is a need to file more patents in a certain technology area, need to add more advancements to the patents in order to make your patent portfolio in that technology area, stronger. You have a strong patent, and you need to build around it to maybe enter a new market or a country. Now, how can you generate more ideas around a strong patent in a short time? How can you enhance a patent? Nilesh and his teams are faced with these questions. Normally, the process would take multiple brainstorming sessions with different team members to explore the ideas. This process takes time, which is of essence when filing for continuation or continuation-in-part applications.

XLSCOUT Assisting in Patent Enhancing

When XLSCOUT launched its Generative AI-based ideation tool, Ideacue, Nilesh saw an opportunity to use it to enhance the patents. Ideacue leverages large language models to suggest new ideas to users. Nilesh mentions that initially they start by entering the features of their patent into XLSCOUT Novelty Checker and then use AI suggested inventive concepts to get new & innovative ideas. The Ideacue identifies the distantly related concepts that could be used to get those ideas.

“This tool goes one step ahead and identify what are the concepts there and what next can be done.”

The idea suggestions provided by Ideacue act as triggers to explore different innovation pathways. With its Generative AI-based features, we’re able to uncover pathways that we never would have found on our own or would have taken a lot more time to find. It provides a more promising way of brainstorming, something to further work upon. He says that usually they conduct multiple brainstorming sessions where different team members bring diversity of thought. Now, that diversity of thought is being brought up, Ideacue and you can do the brainstorming on your own.

“The tool gives idea suggestions, and we apply human intelligence on top of it. Ideacue saves time, is fast, and helps to accelerate the innovation process.”

This process is iterative, using multiple iterations between Novelty Checker and Ideacue they have been able to get idea triggers that assist them in generating patentable ideas. They use Novelty Checker to check the novelty of their ideas and Ideacue to get the suggestions.

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