FrontEnd Developer(Vue.js)

    Canada , India

    Job Title – Frontend Developer(Vue.js)

    Location : Remote/Hybrid

    Vertical : Engineering

    Sub Vertical : FrontEnd

    Specialization : Vue Engineer

    About is a cloud based platform on which we have developed algorithms using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, cognitive computing, machine learning and other big data technologies to extract intelligence from more than 100 million technology documents from 90 countries. Apart from this we have developed a technical corpus, containing more than 3 billion words, learned from 100 GB of processed data and developed on a machine learning model.

    Our vision is to enable IP and R&D departments globally to accelerate innovation using our NLP technologies.


    • Developing user-facing applications using Vue.js & updated knowledge of JavaScript & Vue.js space
    • Building modular and reusable components and libraries
    • Optimizing application and proposing upgrades and updates to keep up with modern security
    • Implementing automated testing integrated with development and maintenance of workflows
    • Keeping an eye on security updates and issues found with Vue.js and all project dependencies



    • 5+ years of experience building scalable component libraries, design systems, and tools using JavaScript or TypeScript.
    • Highly proficient in JavaScript language and itslatest ES6 syntax and features, Vue.js framework along with principles like components, reactivity & virtual DOM and js graph libraries. 
    • Knowledge ofFront-End web development in Advance JavaScript (ES6,ES7,ES8,ES9), OOPS Concept PLUS with debugging skills. 
    • Familiaritywith js ecosystem, including Vue CLI, Vuex and Vue Router and automated JavaScript Testing specifically Jest
    • Understanding of HTML5 and CSS3(including Sass), server-side rendering, its benefits and use cases, Angular & PHP 
    • Proficiency in Babel, Webpack, and Git& experience in RESTful APIs


    Basic Qualifications:

    • A Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related field
    • At least 2 years’ experience as a Vue.js developer