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Ideacue is the first and only ideation-engine which combines AI and principles of systematic innovation to conceive and validate ideas.

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What’s new in Ideacue

Ideation-engine Ideacue  houses 130 million+ patents, 200 million+ Research publications
and thousands of scientific concepts,
the largest of its kind uniquely organized for engineers and scientists.

The Benefits of XLSCOUT Ontologier

  • Easy to Use
  • Fast & 360- Degree Holistic Solution
  • Combines AI & Inventive Principles
  • 10K+ Cross-Domain Examples
  • Suggests Inventive Concepts

Why Ideaue?

  • Utilises the world’s innovation data to make your R&D processes efficient
  • Saves time by helping you avoid rework & reinvention
  • Reinvigorates problem-solving efforts
  • Data-driven innovation aids you to make informed decisions
  • Inspires you to think out of the box