An advanced version that boosts the overall performance of our platform more
than 2X.

Major Updates

1. Novelty Checker

New Input Method

More intuitive and explainable AI-powered input screen which detects the wrong/broad input provided by the user before proceeding to the further steps.

image (9)
image (10)

Improved Ranking Algorithm

User will be able to see more relevant results on top with an improved ranking algorithm.

Download Report After Reinforcement Learning

Users can now download the novelty report after applying reinforcement on the results.

2. New Data Fields & Tags

SEP Data (Source - ETSI/3GPP)

SEP related data fields (Standard Doc Number, Projects, Declarant, Type, Declaration Date) can be searched from Expert Patent Search.

SEP related Filters are now available on the Filters panel.

SEP Tags – On the result table, SEP tags will be shown for the SEP patent publications.

image (8)

Litigation Data

Litigation Tags – On the result table, Litigation tags will be shown for the Litigated patent publications.

Plaintiff & Defendant information also available on patent reading view.

Family Information Table

Family details with legal status are available on patent reading view now.

image (6)

Minor Updates

1.Delta Feature

With our latest feature called “Delta”, you can now view the recent patent publications directly with ease for different time durations.

For example, the last 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 Year or any custom duration also. Delta filter is now available in the filters panel

image (5)

2. Sorting

Sort the order of your results as per your requirements. With this feature, the user can now sort the patent publications based on the following 9 parameters: 

Relevance with respect to the query, Application Date, Publication Date, Priority Date, Application Number, Publication Number, XLSCOUT Family Count, Count of Cited Patents & Count of Citing Patents.

image (4)

3. Increased Publication Number Search Limit

The limit for Publication Number Search has been increased from 5,000 to 15,000.

Also, while searching publication numbers, the missing numbers would be available in the validation window.

4. Increased Export Limit & Addition of New Fields

The limit for exporting patent publications has been increased from 10,000 to 15,000 for all the data fields except claims and description.

New Fields available in Export- Backward Citations, Forward Citations, Simple Family ID, XLSCOUT Family ID, and Problem Statements.



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