Major Updates in Drafting LLM

1. Multiple Figure Upload Feature: Easily Submit Your Multiple Figures in one go

Users now have the ability to upload their own figure(s) for analysis, a feature that can offer a brief, numerals/annotations, and other details about the uploaded image. This information will be incorporated into the final draft. To upload an image, users can utilize the designated upload feature located in both the claims and IDF input pathways. Once the figure is uploaded, an automated analysis will take place, and the resulting data will be displayed. This feature not only enhances the user’s interaction with the system but also provides a detailed view of the figure related data, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of the patent information. After the analysis, users have the option to include this information in their final draft, thereby improving the overall quality and depth of their patent documentation. Instructions to be followed:

• For images: Only PNG format is accepted. Each image must not exceed 1MB in size.

• For PDF: Ensure that there is only one image per page.

a) Click on the “upload figure(s)” option or image icon.


b) User can select an image or multiple images or a pdf with multiples images.


c) User can also unselect images once selected multiple images.


d) User will be presented with brief descriptions and numerals for each of the uploaded images one by one so that meanwhile user can edit the presented figure when other figures are being analyzed or minimize the analysis window and do the other additions in the input, in order to utilize time in more effective way. Also, maximize it when needed.


e) User can make the edits and click on save all to save the analyzed data for all the images.


f) Users will be notified when the analysis of all the figures is done with this loader on left:


Minor Updates in Drafting LLM

1. Word Limit Increased

For users, in IDF pathway we have increased the word limit to 1500 words for every question, in order to incorporate more invention data for better quality drafts.




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