Major Updates

1. The Green Transformation Technologies Inventory (GXTI)

The Green Transformation Technologies Inventory (GXTI) is a technologies inventory which gives a bird’s-eye view of technologies related to Green Transformation (GX) published by the JPO in June 2022. Each item in the GXTI includes the patent search formulae to search patent documents. 

Level 1 Category

The Level 1 Category consists of five perspectives: (1) Energy Supply (gxA), (2) Energy Demand (gxB), (3) Energy Storage (gxC), (4) CO2 Reduction in Non-Energy Sectors (gxD) and (5) Capture, Storage, Utilization and Removal of Greenhouse Gas (gxE).

A separate set of four transversal perspectives (gxY) is also provided in the Level 1 Category. The four perspectives are “Control-Related Technology,” “Measurement-Related Technology,” “Business-Related Technology,” and “ICT-Related Technology.”

GXTI analysis has been enabled on different apps:


Users can analyze and track GXTI Technologies through Techscaper.  

Click on any of the GXTI Level 1 technologies to analyze the patent and technology dashboard.

MicrosoftTeams-image (2)

The user can view the search criteria for each GXTI technology that is being used to link the GXTI Technology with Patent Data. 

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The Four Transversal Perspectives (gxY) for each GXTI level 1 category can be analysed in the Filters. 

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Analyze The Technology Intelligence Dashboard for Selected GXTI Technologies. 

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Expert Patent Search

GXTI Field in Advanced Search

The Green Transformation Technologies Inventory (GXTI) files have also been added as a search field in Expert Patent Search.

Users can combine the GXTI field with other search fields, like assignee or applicant, IPC or CPC classification, technology keywords, litigation, SEP, etc., to perform further analysis.

MicrosoftTeams-image (10)
MicrosoftTeams-image (8)

2. Multi-Lingual Input Support In Novelty Checker

Users can now provide input in any language (e.g. Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Nihongo) to Novelty Checker. 

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3. Introducing Shortlisted Results Bucket Feature in Novelty Checker & Invalidator Modules

The user can shortlist results from the patent list by clicking on the + icon in front of each patent; the patents will be added to the Shortlisted Results tab and a bucket will be created.

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The user can also add patents manually from any other source to the shortlisted results bucket.

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Users can Generate Report for the shortlisted patents separately.  

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Minor Updates

DG 9 and SDG 11 goals have also been added to the SDG Dashboard.




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