Major Updates

1. New Invalidator+

All new and much-improved version of Invalidator is now available on XLSCOUT.
It is enabled with ” Reinforcement Learning” to get quality prior-art results quickly.

image (64)

2. Patdigger

Our Proprietary Patent Ranking Module Patdigger has now been migrated to XLSCOUT.

image (65)

3. Analysis with respect to Unique Patent Families!

Precise & accurate analysis! Now users can analyze the patents using family collapse (currently can be done on first 15,000 unique patent families). 

“Technology Dashboard” & “Competitive Dashboard” are also enabled with family collapse.

image (66)

4. Forward Citation Graph

Identify top assignees forward citing your and your competitor’s portfolio along with a year-wise breakdown of citation count.  

Identify recent trends in the Forward citations.  

Identify assignees that are recently forward citing your and your competitor’s portfolio.

image (68)

5. Reassignment Search

New Reassignment search field has been added on XLSCOUT.

Users can search the reassignments by the Assignor Name, Assignee Name, and the Execution Date

6. XLSCOUT Family Backward Citations!

XLSCOUT Family Backward Citations search field is added to XLSCOUT.  

Now, users can view & export the combined backward citations of the entire XLSCOUT  Family.  

Also, enhanced backward citation data with respect to individual patent publications is now available.

image (67)



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