• last updated : 08 November, 2023

XLSCOUT Update: Version 1.16 Released

Category: Press Release
version update

XLSCOUT’s Version 1.15 is here! The latest version update incorporates some of the most requested features as well as some improvements to the previous version. Here are the highlights of this version:

Major Updates

1. Figure Generation – Flowcharts and Block diagrams

Users now have the capability to generate figures. This new feature is particularly useful for descriptions related to flowcharts or block diagrams. An image icon will appear next to these descriptions, and by clicking on it, users can generate and view the corresponding drawing. This functionality enhances the user’s ability to visualize and understand the presented information, providing a more comprehensive and interactive experience.

a) Click on the image icon next to the brief description of the figure.

b) Click on proceed button if you are satisfied with description of the figure or you can edit it and then proceed.

c) The figure will be displayed on the right side and the users will have the ability to zoom in for a closer look at the details, or zoom out to view the figure in its entirety. This interactive feature allows users to adjust the view according to their preference and understanding.

2. Format Type: Jurisdiction Country Selection (United States or Japan)

Users now can select different formats or jurisdiction countries for draft generation. The preferred format for the selected country, such as the US or Japan, will be used for the creation of the draft. This feature allows for customization and ease in draft generation, catering to the specific requirements of different jurisdictions.

a) Click on your preferred format or jurisdiction. This action allows you to customize your experience and select the most relevant options based on your specific needs.

3. Security Enhancement

The security of the module has been significantly enhanced. No attachments will be sent to clients via email. Instead, an option to download the report will be provided in the email. Users can then download the report directly to their respective systems. However, the download button will only function when the user is logged into their XLSCOUT account. Additionally, end-to-end encryption has been improved, further strengthening the security of the details inputted. This update ensures a safer and more secure user experience.

Minor Updates

1.User can now edit the brief description of the drawings by just clicking on the specified brief and click on save to save it.

To learn more about the new features, click here.