Al super intelligence for innovation and IP: From instant prior-art searches and Al-assisted ideation, to drafting high-quality patents and monetizing innovation!

Automatically Rank Patents and

Proprietary algorithm combines Technical, Legal and Market Information

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How it works

  • Enter company name or upload patent portfolio

  • Patdigger suggests potential licensees

  • Select or add potential licensees or infringers

  • Patdigger ranks patents into categories – Gold, Silver and Bronze


Patdigger combines expert patent parameters, litigation data, prosecution data, and market information to find potential licensees and corresponding gold & silver patent categories which indicate technology overlap

Patdigger Benefits

  • Easy to Setup

  • Transparent Ranking

  • Reduces Manual Efforts

  • Dashboard

  • Alerts

In case you want to keep an eye on potential licensee opportunities, we will be happy to setup the
interactive dashboard for you.

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