• last updated : 25 January, 2023

Pranav Sharma

Pranav Sharma

Pranav Sharma is an Alumnus of IIM Lucknow (Product Management). He is leading product success at XLSCOUT by working closely with global customers and product managers.

He had got the opportunity to work with amazing folks internally and externally over the last 8+ years. Closely worked with top R&D and IP professionals across the globe and the top 1% talent to be able to build work class products.
He enjoyed falling in love with the problems which the world wants to avoid as it is the key driver for developing successful solutions.

He is always looking to grow and learn continuously to make people’s life easier by addressing their problems.

Skills: Problem Solver, Stakeholder Management, Passionate to learn, Critical thinking, Certified Design Thinker, Certified Product Manager, Market Analysis, Content Writing

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