Classify Patents Automatically with

Taxonomy Bots

We design and train ontologier to eliminate manual tagging

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XLSCOUT Ontologier automatically classifies patents according to set taxonomy and unleashes the ability to view competitor patents or the entire patent landscape.

How we do

XLSCOUT’s 5 steps process to develop intelligent taxonomy

Set taxonomy as per the customer scope

Train Ontologier with seed and anti seed patents

Compare output against manually verified results

Re-train Ontologier based on manual input

Create intelligent taxonomy

NLP-enriched landscape automates future data classification and monitors technology or competitive landscape enabling you to track current trends and discover unknown owners of disruptive innovation.

Train Ontologier to filter out the noise

The Benefits of XLSCOUT Ontologier

  • Easy to Use

  • Fast and Accurate

  • Build, Train and Deploy

  • Minimize Manual Review time

  • Automate Alerts

Why XLSCOUT Ontologier?

  • It’s the world’s first NLP-based Patent Classifier to develop intelligent taxonomies
  • Manually classifying patents to understand technology or the competitive landscape is extremely painful
  • It gives you a verified accuracy of upto 97% across domains
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