Introducing XLSCOUT GXTI Analytics Dashboard

XLSCOUT introduces a GXTI Analytics Dashboard that will provide technological & competitive insights in order to analyze the GX-related efforts towards the five major Green Transformation (GX) Technologies.

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With assistance from JPO, XLSCOUT and NGB collaborated on a study that could contribute significantly to Green Transformation (GX) Technologies

One of the best ways to identify GX trends, as well as to share company information about GX-related initiatives and the effects of climate change on business, is through the analysis of patent information.

Therefore, JPO came up with GXTI. As per JPO, The GXTI shows how to categorize Green Transformation Technologies and how to search for patent documents that include the category “GX Technology.” The GXTI gives a bird’s-eye view of GX Technology from 5 GX Technologies (gxA-gxE) and 4 Perspectives for Cross Tabulation (gxY).

XLSCOUT is on a mission to help companies track GX trends to compare company’s strengths in terms of the GX-related efforts towards the five major Green Transformation Technologies. With our technology & competitive dashboards, we are giving organizations a medium to get actionable insights to analyze the five major GX Technologies that can be used to identify GX Trends.

Mapping Green Transformation Technologies to the Patent Literature

For each Green Transformation Technology, JPO has provided patent search formulae. Our experts created taxonomies based on JPO formulae for establishing a relationship between level 3 categories and their respective level 2 and level 1 categories.

Such a detailed mapping of technology provides deep insights into the GX-related efforts towards the five major Green Transformation Technologies through our Technology & Competitive intelligence dashboards.
Moreover, to analyze each Green Transformation Technology with respect to the transversal perspectives (gxY), we have added all the 4 transversal perspectives as filters for a precise and detailed analysis.

With our dashboard, we dig deeper into each GX Technology

GXTI Analytics through

Get deep insights to align your business
models with the Green Transformation

Stay ahead of the competition by identifying the Emerging Technologies in each GX Technology

Compare the efforts of various companies to address the issue of climate change

Co-authorship & Collaboration relationships of the companies of your interest

Track the portfolio strength of your competitors

Analyze the top problems being solved in each GX Technology

View technology grouping by user-defined taxonomy enabled by Explainable AI

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